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I had the worst experience at Porter and Chester. I was all set signed up for the July medical program then I called randomly to
check in with my adviser, he then told me that they filled my seat! 

They are the worst school most unorganized unreliable "school"
in the city of Worcester.

Future Porter & Chester Professional

  1. "After 1 year, I still cannot find work."

  2. "The equipment didn’t always work."

  3. "People make false promises here and don't deliver."

  4. "P&C instructors have no clue how to teach and read word for word verbatim
    off the PowerPoint."
  5. "Dentist told me that graduates do not have the skills"..."and would never hire anyone from Porter & Chester..."

Greedy CEO, Jim Bologa, only cares about his pocket. He is so far from reality. Thinks the culture is great. He obviously is in his own world.

Forces staff to take mandatory time off so he can get a bonus. Tells those struggling due to not getting paid that they should
manage their money better. He is a joke and had run this company into the ground.

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